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Angeldark - Angélique (2008)

Calidad: Mp3, 192 Kbps
MySpace: http://www.myspace.com/angeldarkband

Produced by Santiago Fano
Recorded, engineered and mixed by Santiago Fano at Bunker Estudios, Asturies
Mastered by George Marino & UE Nastasi at Sterling Sound, New York

Soprano: Berenice Musa
Electronics, programming & keyboards by Santiago Fano
Bass played by Santiago Fano except tracks 8 & 11 by Marcos Cuadrado

The Bratislava Symphony Orchestra Choir of The City of Bratislava
Orchestra and Choir score written by Santiago Fano
Director & Conductor: David Hernando
Recorded at the Studio 2 of the Slovak National Radio, Bratislava, by Othmar

All songs written by S. Fano except 8 & 11 by M. Cuadrado
1. Libera Me - Overture for Choir and Orchestra in E minor 02:01 [view lyrics]
2. Wolf 06:00 [view lyrics]
3. The Night Song 07:04 [view lyrics]
4. Saint-Germain (The Man Who Killed Death) Part I 06:14 [view lyrics]
5. Saint-Germain (The Man Who Killed Death) Part II 05:42 [view lyrics]
6. Rain 04:21 [view lyrics]
7. Wanderer 03:08 [view lyrics]
8. In My Dreams 05:09 [view lyrics]
9. Venom X 07:18 [view lyrics]
10. The Mastery of Pain 06:46 [view lyrics]
11. Follow The Chain 05:33 [view lyrics]
12. Seven Candle Circle 05:15 [view lyrics]
13. Under The Cathedral 01:30
14. In Darkness (rmx) 02:46 [view lyrics]
Total playing time 01:08:47

Gothic/Symphonic Metal from Spain

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